Prevent False Alarms: How To Stop Your Smoke Detector From Going Off While Cooking

May 2024

There is nothing more satisfying than cooking a delicious meal for yourself and your friends. You've looked out your favourite recipe, prepared the ingredients just the way you like them and placed them carefully into the pan as they start to sizzle away. Perfect.

You briefly pop into the living room to check on your guests and say a quick "hello", but your head is barely in the door when you hear the sound of ringing penetrating your ears. It's the smoke alarm. Your friends are startled. You're embarrassed. And in your head, you imagine the dinner being ruined; needing to call in for pizza and the night being remembered as such.

You run through to the kitchen ready to tackle a wall of flames. Alas though, it's fine. Just a little bit of smoke from the pan. Nothing to worry about. You fetch the broomstick from the cupboard, give the smoke alarm a prod and it turns off. Crisis averted? Nope.

Within moments though, you hear that alarm go off once more. This time though, your friends now make their way into the kitchen to check if you're okay as they see you frantically grabbing the broom and turning it off again.

You re-assure them it's all okay and that you'll turn the smoke alarm off. You climb up onto a chair, pull it off the ceiling and take the batteries out and place it onto your kitchen worktop where it stays there until the next morning. It's at that point the next day that you're washing up from the next day that it catches your eye and you consider putting it up again, but with the amount of hassle it caused the previous night and the effort it would take at that very moment to install it again, the smoke alarm goes straight into the drawer of odds and ends.

Unfortunately, this story is all too familiar for millions of people around the UK. A recent survey by home insurance provider Direct Line found that one in three people have had their dinner ruined on account of a smoke alarm going off while they were cooking - and over half say it's happened more than once! And of course, the end result is that the alarm is taken down, rendering it useless and leaving homes unprotected from fire.

What if there was a way that you could cook in peace without your alarm going off at the first hint of smoke? What if the alarm only went off when there were real signs of danger? Well, there is.

It's called a heat detector and it works a little differently from smoke detectors in that it's designed to trigger an alarm upon a sudden rise in temperature, unlike smoke alarms which trigger when they come into contact with tiny smoke particles.

In most rooms of your house, smoke detectors are an excellent option to detect fires since they are sensitive to these particles and will trigger quickly. However, in your kitchen, where smoke occurs much more frequently, a smoke detector will often trigger even though there is no actual fire.

By installing a heat detector instead, you can rest assured that your kitchen will only trigger an alarm in the event of a dangerous temperature rise, which dramatically reduces the risk of false alarms due to steam or cooking flare-ups.

At FireGuardPlus, we offer fire alarm bundles that include both smoke and heat alarms so that you can cook away to your heart's content without false alarms.

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Facts about home fires

38% of UK homes do not have a working smoke alarm 

One in three households in the UK do not have a working fire alarm and do not meet the government standards.

10,000 homes are destroyed every year due to fire

Last year saw the largest increase in UK deaths in a single year.

People in Scotland are more at risk of home fire than other UK countries

Last year saw the largest increase in UK deaths in a single year since 1940, according to provisional ONS figures

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